3-Ingredient Recipes: Passionate Love Edition

The first time I did a newsletter on some of my favorite (which many of you requested, and continue to ask for), I took the challenge 100% seriously: Aside from salt, pepper, and oil/butter, all the recipes I picked really had only three ingredients. This time I’m going to cheat ever so slightly. Why? 1) Because the spirit of a 3-ingredient recipe is that it’s uncomplicated and doesn’t involve a lot of moving parts, so the difference between three and four and five is mostly negligible. 2) It’s Valentine’s Day on Thursday, and what better way to express your boundless passion than by flaunting the rules and going above and beyond? (This is a joke. As you might guess, I don’t acknowledge Valentine’s Day. But if you do, no judgement… chances are, you’re just less cynical than me.)

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