Dinspiration: 10 Fast, Easy, Satisfying Spring Salads

Last month, I did my first “” newsletter. The idea was to do 10 mini-recipes based around some theme or ingredient. They’re casual paragraphs, sometimes just a few sentences, that walk you through the cooking process or the basic idea of a dish, and are meant to give you some good (hopefully new) ideas and get your cooking wheels turning for the week. I said, maybe just to myself, that if people liked them, I would keep doing them. It seems people liked them…so I’m going to keep doing them.

Today’s installment is all about spring salads; not the dainty kinds that you have as a snack or a side (not that there’s anything wrong with those), but the hearty, substantial kinds that can be standalone (and very satisfying) dinners. They’re fast and easy, largely virtuous, perfect for this time of year, and won’t leave you wondering where the rest of the meal is. Check them out, see what speaks to you, and have an excellent weekend...

— Mark

There's something about these small, free-flowing recipes that I really love. Not only are they quick to digest and great for generating ideas, but they help to promote the kind of flexible, improvisational cooking that so many of us aspire to. Here, we have 10 actually satisfying salads that are easy to throw together on any weeknight.


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