Dinspiration: 10 Grilling Recipes for The Holiday Weekend

I know, I usually don't send an email out on Thursdays, but since the point of this one is to prime the pump (the grill, actually) for the upcoming long weekend, I figured I'd give you a little extra lead time, just in case any of these recipes finds its way into your cooking plans. Either way, have a wonderful weekend.

They say Memorial Day (Monday) is the unofficial start of summer. What that means, I don’t really know (it’s been both 85 and 45 degrees where I live in the past two weeks). Anyway, the start of summer is also the start of “grilling season” (an artificial concept, but a happy occasion, nonetheless). So, if your long-weekend plans involve cooking over a fire, here’s a little Dinspiration.

The burgers and dogs approach to Memorial Day weekend is a time-honored tradition, and I wouldn’t knock you one bit if that’s the route you’re taking (I might even be a little jealous). But the recipes below mostly veer from classic Americana (there is a burger, but it’s a Szechuan-style lamb version that’s incredible and bears little resemblance to its beefy brother). There are snacks (like charred radishes with lemon-parsley butter), veggies (spice-rubbed grilled carrots with yogurt sauce), salads, mains, and even a genius French creation where you grill a giant coil of sausage and eat it with raw oysters. It’s officially non-American, but damn is it good.

— Mark

If "grilling season" truly begins this weekend, then we need to be prepared. Here are 10 recipes for the grill to officially (or unofficially, or whatever) kick summer off right.


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