Most Of What You Know About Protein Is Wrong


Let's talk about protein. There are so many misconceptions swirling around this topic that at various points throughout my career as a food writer I've felt the need (or been asked by readers) to address it. There is this widely accepted idea that in order for us to be healthy we need to eat plenty of protein at every meal, and that the best of these proteins come from animal products. This is a myth. I've made this case in various cookbooks, especially those that emphasize a shift towards eating more plants, but it's hard to out-shout the meat and dairy industry, which has done a wonderful job convincing us otherwise.

Since protein remains controversial (and misunderstood), I wanted to rope my friend and collaborator Dr. David Katz into writing a "definitive" article with me about the way we should be thinking about (and consuming) it. I'm really proud of how the piece turned out, and wanted to share it with you here. See what you think (and try to ace the protein pop quiz at the top).


The meat and dairy industry wants us to constantly worry if we're "getting enough protein." Here's why we don't have to.


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