The New How To Cook Everything Is Here! (With PHOTOS.)

You probably don't know this, but for a while now I've been working on the completely revised 20th anniversary edition of How to Cook Everything. Twenty years? Oy! Anyway, I couldn't possibly be more thrilled or grateful to announce that this brand new version of How to Cook Everything is finished, and is now available for pre-order.

There are a lot of exciting things about this book, like tons of new recipes, updated information on essential ingredients, and great new at-a-glance graphics. But probably the best addition is that it now includes photos! More than 175 of them, each one more colorful and beautiful than the next. Needless to say, I'm pleased.

To celebrate the fact that this book has made its way into the world, we wanted to put together a little "thank you" gift for anyone who pre-orders it before October 1st (its official release date). Here's the deal: all you need to do is pre-order the book from any retailer (there are plenty to choose from here), and fill out this form with your order confirmation number. Once you do that, we'll point you to a link where you can download an exclusive 6-day meal plan that we put together just for this purpose, and receive a discount code for 20% off of Lodge cast iron.

So, what exactly are you getting (other than the book)? The meal plan is a 6-day plan, Sunday through Friday, that combines specific direction with options for customizing. All three meals are covered, including some sides and dessert—more than 20 recipes in all. The week kicks off with a shopping list to get you into Wednesday. Then, based on whatever “bonus” cooking you’ve done, your stash of leftovers, and your activity calendar, I’ll help you figure out how to wrap up the week. Most of the recipes will serve at least four, so depending on the size of your household you may have more or fewer leftovers (or none at all); you can also scale up or down as needed—or skip a meal entirely if you’ve got other plans.

As for Lodge, I've talked about their stuff a hundred times before. It's awesome cast iron and I use it for everything. 20% off is a good excuse to grab a pan (or whatever) that you'll literally use for the rest of your cooking life.

I'll loop back on October 1st to talk more about the new How To Cook Everything and share a few of my favorite recipes. In the meantime, if you grab your copy before then, I hope you enjoy the meal plan and the cast iron. Thanks for letting me share my enthusiasm for this book, and see you Friday.



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