How To Hack A Keurig (And Make Better Coffee At Home)

The vast majority of Americans drink coffee. The vast majority of people who read this newsletter live in the United States. Thus, by my impressive powers of deduction, I am assuming that most of you drink coffee and therefore might be interested in this article I wrote recently. The premise is that if you have the time/ability to do so, YOU SHOULD MAKE YOUR OWN COFFEE. You'll drink better, and save a ton of money (you can use all that extra cash to buy Starbucks stock). Here's an excerpt; read the rest below. See you Friday.

Starbucks has marketed their way into convincing you that you have to stand in line and overpay for “good” coffee (or for a calorie bomb, another issue), but my contention is that unless you find an obsessive, super-boutiquey coffee place — and of course you can, if you look — you’re almost never going to have good coffee unless you make it yourself. You can get your caffeine fix, which is great, but you’re just as well off buying caffeine pills (which cost 4 cents each for about the amount in a Dunkin’ “medium”) and drinking water.


I'm here to beg you to make your own coffee when you can. You’ll save money and drink better.


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