The Best Thing You Can Possibly Make This Month

As many of you probably know, today is Giving Tuesday (for those who don't, the Tuesday after U.S. Thanksgiving has become an international day of charitable giving). People often ask me which food-related organizations are worth supporting (or which ones I personally support, either with time or money), so today seems like the right day to try to answer that question.

Just like we did with our non-altruistic last week, we made a list. It's not nearly a comprehensive list, nor does it try to be. There are literally fifty food organizations worthy of your support. Narrowing it down seems unfair but necessary. So, if you're interested in helping (and learning more about) organizations doing critical work in and around the food world, this is a good place to start. I know that having the resources to make charitable contributions is a luxury, but if that's something you're able to do, I hope you'll consider it.

Happy giving, and I'll see you Friday.



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