Oh Snap! If There's A "Holiday Cookie," This Is It.

It was recently brought to my attention that 2019 is almost over and thus far this year I have contributed absolutely nothing to the conversation on cookies. Literally. 12 months, no cookie recipes in this newsletter. I'm sorry about that, though I can't say it's totally surprising; I wouldn't describe myself as a sweets person (except, yes, black licorice, which I love).

In the spirit of better late than never, here's my 2019 cookie content. If I wanted to seem intentional, I would've just said I've been saving it for December, which is probably more "cookie season" than any other other time of year. But really I just got lucky that somebody flagged this omission before New Years.

My cookie contribution is small but mighty, and consists of exactly one recipe: Gingersnaps. This version was loosely inspired by Aunt Big (who was my friend Sally's aunt, and who made wonderful gingersnaps). Unsurprisingly, I like these because they're not too sweet, and even verge on savory. They're incredibly crisp, too, the kind that stick in your teeth (in the best way). To get them like that, you roll the dough into logs, refrigerate them, and slice them very, very thin. It's also worth noting that Sally insists "the dough is also great undercooked." If that's your thing, have at it.

And, if you can manage to not eat them all, they also make a really nice gift. Let me know if you have leftovers and I'll send you my address. Have a wonderful weekend and see you next Friday.


Not too sweet—in fact, bordering on savory—these gingersnaps are super-crisp, the kind that stick in your teeth.


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