Here Are Our 2020 Food Resolutions. What Are Yours?

We've been really into lists the past couple of weeks. First there was our (too late?), then our (never too late), and now there's this: our New Years food resolutions.

Basically, all of us (Kate, Daniel, Kerri, Melissa and I) are always talking about food-related things we want to accomplish; dishes we want to learn, habits we want to break, projects we want to tackle, etc. It dawned on us that, in one form or another, these are all resolutions—we just never frame them that way. So we decided to kick around a Google doc where we could all "officially" write down our food resolutions for 2020. Not only did it wind up being a pretty varied list, but seeing what everyone else wrote was a good way to jog our own memories. Plus, now that we've sent these resolutions to each other and all of you, we feel kind of accountable for actually seeing them through (scary but good).

We'd love for you to use our list (below) as an excuse to come up with your own food goals for 2020. Of course, we'd be interested to see what kinds of things you're hoping to tackle next year, so if you feel like sharing, send them our way. Enjoy the weekend.


Hopefully by this time next year we can all talk about the wonderful food-related things we accomplished in 2020. This list is the first step...


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