Forget "Real" Pickles. These Are Better

I've been reading through your incredibly thoughtful responses to the survey I sent last month. It's taking a while (there are thousands!), but is so worth it. Anyway, lots of you mentioned that the newsletter would become an even more essential part of your weekly reading if you had more time (alas, can't help you there), or if it were sometimes more concise: A quick intro, a link to a recipe/article that I love, done. So today, let's try that out.

It's cucumber season (I'm inundated, really), which means it's pickle season. I'm usually too lazy for canning, and I don't even really like the taste of pickles soaked in vinegar. Luckily, there are refrigerator pickles that are way easier, and, in my opinion, way better. Here's the recipe, along with my not-so-subtle thoughts on the subject. See you Friday.


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