By Request, My Food Shopping "Philosophy"

Food shopping is more complicated than it ought to be, and a lot of you have asked me to outline my approach to buying ingredients: Where to shop? Organic or not? Fresh or frozen? Cheap or expensive? Some of you have also asked (very diplomatically) if I would sometimes just get to the point more quickly in these newsletters, tee it up, and give you the relevant link to click on. Today, I'm trying to accommodate both requests. If you're interested in my "philosophy" on food shopping, click the image above or the button below. And as always, scroll down for recipes to cook this week. Hope that was pithy enough. I'm trying. See you Friday.



Talk To Me, Goose!

Questions, comments, brilliant suggestions? Just want to share the recipe for your grandma's potato salad, or your mom's meatloaf, or your uncle Drew's three-day 100-percent rye loaf (yes, please)? Don't hesitate to reach out anytime.