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10 Percent Off Absolutely Anything From Gustiamo

You know when people talk about the food tasting better in Italy? That’s because it often is. And while it’s tough to replicate the flavors of Sicilian almonds or fresh-picked San Marzano tomatoes or real deal balsamic — you can find them in the United States — especially from Gustiamo.

This is stuff you can’t find in the grocery store; the products they’re importing are super small batch — made with superior Italian ingredients that aren’t grown for mass-production. Yes, it means they’re more expensive. And in this case, it also means they’re exceptionally good. I could live on their anchovies packed in salt (and I kind of do). Use the code “GustiLovesBittman” at checkout to save 10% on your order.


Kitchen Tools We Love

The Always Pan: Our Favorite Nonstick Skillet

About the Always Pan: Most of us on the team have it and have been cooking with it for a while now. We’ve concluded that it has the best nonstick coating of any pan we've ever used. (And we’ve used a lot.) The pan is billed as the same or better option than something like eight pieces of cooking equipment you probably have in your kitchen -- and is priced accordingly. Well: It’s certainly versatile, and we’re in love with the coating, which the manufacturer says is proprietary, ceramic, non-toxic, and long-lasting. (And for what it's worth, the pan, which is aluminum with a ceramic shell, is really good-looking.)


Thermapen: Our Go-To Instant-Read Thermometer

I know we talk about the Thermapen a lot, but there’s a reason for it: It’s awesome. I swear this thermometer has a brain. Take it out of the chicken, which it’s just registered at 170 degrees, and it immediately goes to room temp (I check the thermostat, and it always matches). I think about the thermometers I used to use and I laugh. Also, they’ve got a lot of cool colors, if you care about that sort of thing (points to self).


Most Things From OXO

Turns out, we use a lot of OXO products. Mark is a big fan of their coffee maker, box grater, and manual food processor (above), in particular, but we have yet to go wrong when it comes to their stuff.



Burlap & Barrel Spices

I have cooked with Ethan Frisch, founder of spice company Burlap & Barrel, and he’s serious about sourcing the world’s best spices and treating producers right. He’s also a great guy and a terrific cook. His spices are second to none.


Mr. Espresso Coffee

I have a coffee obsession: I’ve written about Oakland’s Mr. Espresso and their wood-roasted coffee before. Their beans make coffee that’s as good as anything I’ve ever tasted, and the fair trade/organic list is overwhelming. I mean, you could just read it and weep, or you could order coffee for yourself or some coffee-addicted loved one.


Odds and Ends

Some Books by Some Guy

Ok, so maybe I’m a little bit biased, but I’ve written a lot of books over the course of my career and I think they’re all pretty good. Here’s the complete collection.