Nov 10, 2021 • 14M

How We Converted to Whole Grain Baking

Mark and Kerri make bread at least once a week, but they no longer use white flour: Here's why.

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Photo: Jim Henkens

“It’s not that it’s difficult to bake bread with whole grain, but there are some keys, and they’re far from obvious; it took us a long time to crack the code. Once you get it, though, it really feels like a minor miracle, and you feel like you’ve been let into some kind of secret society: The bread is just so much better, and it makes you feel better. You know you’re using the whole grain, the stuff is absolutely delicious, and you’re tied to the entire pre-industrial history of baking real bread. And it’s so much fun.— Mark Bittman

Why don’t we eat more whole wheat? How did Mark go from no-knead bread with Jim Lahey to whole grain baking? What should you look for in whole grain flour? Why bake with a starter when it comes to whole grain baking? And how hard is it, really?

Mark and Kerri answer these questions and more in today’s audio featured in conjunction with the release of their upcoming book, Bittman Bread: No-Knead Whole Grain Baking for Every Day, coming out next week.