Join the Conversation: What Kitchen Tools Can You Not Live Without?

OK, deep breath: kitchen tools. We know this is a rabbit hole, but it’s a rabbit hole we’re VERY excited to go down with all of you. The tools, equipment, appliances, and kitchen gadgets we use say a lot (or at least something) about who we are as cooks. So today our question is simple: What are your favorites and why? Whether you can’t imagine life without your sous vide machine, or just want to be buried with your great-great grandmother’s wooden spoon, we want to talk about it. To join the conversation, just type a comment below.

P.S. 1. We want to say sorry to our West Coast members who told us that our last few 9 a.m. ET threads were WAY too early in the morning. We hear you (hence the later start today), and will continue to try to nail down the timing that works best for everyone.

2. Since today’s thread is open to everyone, we want to say welcome to all of you who are maybe new to these community conversations. We do them every Friday with our members, so if you like the vibe and want to be a part of them going forward, you can sign up for a membership.