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Jun 4, 2022Liked by Kate Bittman

I think it's important to eat in the morning shortly after you wake. I really don't care if it's bacon and eggs, or a slice of last night's pizza. For myself, I've eaten curry rice (zero meat, just sauce and rice), pizza, pork and/or chicken katsu (a breaded and fried hunk of meat). I can't wait to make chicken fried steak, and then, tomorrow, have it for breakfast. So, leftovers for breakfast as a theme might be interesting. Who's eating quinoa salad with leftover salmon in the morning? Who can help me figure out how to get all that oatmeal off the shelf into my mouth?

I'm confused about this. It could be the result of living alone. I gaze into the fridge in the morning and see last night's leftovers. I am so not willing to eat that them again for dinner, so I try to figure out how it can be incorporated into a morning meal. Alas, the success is spotty.

I'm also willing to create a "Morning Mashup." I learned this from my dad, who cheerfully whizzed whatever was in the fridge bins to create a sauce/dip which was the basis of our evening dinner regardless of what mom made. It was almost always cut with beer, and served with bread, Ritz crackers or saltines. Mom was appalled but she couldn't stop the carnage.

Does anyone else have these kind of breakfast memories?

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