Let's Start 2021 With Some Kindness

I asked for feel-good stories. You delivered.

Happy New Year!

Usually, that’s something we say to each other more or less reflexively on January 1st, but this year it seems to matter a little bit more. 2020 was by most measures, and for far too many people, an awful year. Whatever last year held for you and the people you love, I truly hope that this year is better, safer, happier.

I want to take a break from recipes today, and instead devote this email to a different source of comfort and joy. You may not remember, but the week before Thanksgiving I wrote this:

A month or so ago, my daughter picked my grandson up at school and took him to the pizza spot around the corner. She stood outside in line; there was a cop there, waiting for his pizza. When he went to pay, he said to the guy working at the shop, "Yo quiero pagar por ella también" – "I want to pay for her, too." And no: He wasn't hitting on her. He was just being kind. And it made her happy for like two weeks straight, which is a lot right now (or any time, really!). So: Do you have any feel-good stories, with food at the crux? Kindness of the heart type stuff. Send them our way – we want to make a little holiday compilation. (Just a short paragraph is plenty.)

I figured a couple of you might have food-related stories of kindness to share, but was kind of taken aback (in the best possible way) by both the number of responses we got and by how heartening they were. Reading through them was a bright spot in this dark stretch that we’re in. Truly. Thank you.

So, today, in the spirit of trying to start the year off on a positive note, I wanted to share them with you. There are a lot. No need to read them all at once, though once you get a taste, it may be hard to stop. Kindness is like that sometimes. As are potato chips.




Talk To Me, Goose!

Questions, comments, brilliant suggestions? Just want to share the recipe for your grandma's potato salad, or your mom's meatloaf, or your uncle Drew's three-day 100-percent rye loaf (yes, please)? Don't hesitate to reach out anytime.