May 26, 2022 • 11M

More Plants. Less Meat. Let’s Discuss Why — and How

Mark talks about the evolution of his way of eating since the early 2000s

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The VB6 “rules” are actually quite flexible: Above the chocolate — meat/eggs/cheese— are considered a treat. Pasta, nuts, grains, legumes, and some starchy foods, shown in the center, are considered flexible — you can have these items occasionally in limited quantities. And you can eat pretty much unlimited quantities of the fruits and vegetables on the left. Photo: Quentin Bacon

Almost 20 years ago, before Mark’s book, Food Matters: A Conscious Guide to Eating came out, Mark was trying to figure out how to eat better in a way that felt authentic to him. He wanted to choose ingredients that are good for us, good for the environment, and taste delicious, for starters. That journey has taken him beyond Food Matters to VB6 and the VB6 Cookbook — and continues today. In this audio, Mark talks about his eating-less-meat journey — how he started, how it ebbs and flows, and the role it has played in his daily life. Take a listen.


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