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Live in VT, slipped on the ice, broke my arm! While trying to clean-out 24,000+emails, I came on this story! Thrilled, will locate book, read, read, cook, cook and cook some more! Thank You

Down but not out! Polly

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I love his book!

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Mark, this is not related to the story, but I hope the comment gets to you. I have only been baking a short time, but I have your bread book. I never had success with whole wheat sourdough bread until I tried the Bittman method. The second loaf was magnificent in taste and appearance, but that was only the first pleasant surprise. I love good bread, but I am diabetic, and my consumption of bread is limited severely. With your whole wheat sourdough bread, I can have a lot more bread without my glucose levels spiking. Diabetes researchers should do serious investigation into this. Thank you so much. I am sharing my experience with my diabetic friends.

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