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"Food with Mark Bittman” is a podcast that will cover all aspects of food, and accessibly. Guests include celebrities, cooks, chefs, farmers, activists, policymakers, and food-lovers in general, ranging from kids to grandmas. “Food” will be fun and enjoyable, but serious and informative too.

I talked to the do-gooder about how he ate growing up, his pivot from full-time chef to well-known humanitarian, and how the pandemic has changed him
An extremely meaningful conversation with the Pulitzer Prize winner
I dare you not to love this week's podcast guest
His new book, 'Inflamed,' illuminates the connection between our health and the injustices of our political and economic systems
And, of course, 'Extreme Ways,' one of the best songs ever
On cooking, advocacy, gardening, and, of course, 'Top Chef'
The editor on updating a legacy brand, her love for New York, and how food affects almost everything
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