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"Food with Mark Bittman” is a podcast that will cover all aspects of food, and accessibly. Guests include celebrities, cooks, chefs, farmers, activists, policymakers, and food-lovers in general, ranging from kids to grandmas. “Food” will be fun and enjoyable, but serious and informative too.

I talked to the do-gooder about how he ate growing up, his pivot from full-time chef to well-known humanitarian, and how the pandemic has changed him
Rev. Dr. Christopher Carter on three eating practices to live by and why Black veganism makes so much sense
Two totally fun, and totally different conversations
Ray Anthony Barrett on the grounding nature of food, the importance of adaptation, and how artists can help us all
Bryant Terry on the reinvention of food media and Rahanna Bisseret Martinez on fostering a love of cooking
The prolific musicians on being 'the other,' the profound similarities between food and music, and biscuits vs. scones
A discussion with the universe's favorite monsters — and one of the wonderful people who makes their work possible
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