Member Discussion Threads

Twice a month, we have a live conversation with our members about a question related to food. Any topic from cooking and eating to our personal goals or issues that extend beyond our own kitchens: It's all fair game. To join in, become a member.

Join the Conversation: Summer Is Almost Here! What Are You Cooking?Memorial Day serves as the unofficial first summer weekend — and like you, you’re we’re excited about the food. With 2022 shaping up as challeng…
Join the Conversation: Ask Holly Haines AnythingWe feel lucky to work with Holly Haines. We love her Instagram feed, her recipes, and her laid-back approach to creative cooking. Today, startin…
Join the Conversation: Cooking for April HolidaysSeder begins on April 15 while Easter falls on April 17. Meanwhile, Ramadan runs through the entire month. Spring is a time for renewal: Even if…
Join the Discussion: What Dishes Remind You of Travel?When we reminisce about our favorite journeys, we talk about where we’ve been — the landscapes, the vistas, the historic sites, the works of art…
Join the Discussion on All Things CitrusGrapefruits. Pomelos. Meyer lemons. Limes. Kumquats. Oranges galore. It’s peak citrus season and we want to know: Where are you getting your fav…
Join the Conversation: What Are Your Favorite Holiday Recipes?We’re elbow-deep in baking projects, cocktail season, and generally trying to stay positive and maintain holiday cheer. What better way to celeb…
Join the Conversation: Let's Talk About Bittman BreadWe’re in peak baking season and in addition to whatever cookies and cakes you may be making for the holidays, we hope you’re giving the lessons …
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