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3 Different Menus For New Year's Eve

This Is The Email Equivalent of a Stocking Stuffer. I Think.

This 25-Minute Soup May Redeem Your Winter

How We Talk About Being Fat

What's The Gift That Keeps On Giving? Cookbooks


Pasta Frittata

The Best Kitchen Tool That You Probably Don't Have

Have Bean Sprouts Ever Blown Your Mind?

Crisp-Fried Bean Sprouts


I'm Not a "Pumpkin Spice" Guy. Except For Pancakes.

This Is A Difficult Day For Many

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

The Bittman Team Holiday Gift Guide

24 Ideas For Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Need Thanksgiving Inspiration? Heated Has You Covered

Coconut-Lentil Soup with Vegetables

My Best Advice For Thanksgiving 2020

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Pasta Puttanesca

By Popular Demand: The Egg "Noodle" Video

Dinspiration: 12 Actually Exciting Ideas For Cabbage

Cabbage, 12 Ways

If You Care About Food (And Democracy), Today Matters

28 Comfort Food Recipes For After You VOTE

Let's Not Forget About Canned Tuna

We Carve Pumpkins, So Why The Hell Don't We Cook Them?

Pumpkin Risotto

Penne with Pumpkin or Squash

By Request, My Food Shopping "Philosophy"

My Food Shopping "Philosophy"

Does Pan Banging Cookies Make Them More Delicious?

14 Tips For How To Be a Happy, Healthy, Modern Eater

The Most Intense Tomato Flavor You've Ever Had

Big News! I Just Launched An Awesome Audio Course

Cook This Pasta Alla Norma Before It's Too Late

Pork Tenderloin Simmered in Peanut Sauce

You Should Be Mashing Your Chickpeas

You Should Make This Before Corn Season Is Over

Dinspiration: 5 Fast Vegetarian Dinners For Early Fall

5 Fast Vegetarian Dinners For Early Fall

Small Family Farms Are Not The Answer

CHECK OUT MY NEW VIDEO: If You Give a Cook a $20

Your "Whole Wheat" Flour Isn't Whole At All

Need a Good Long-Weekend Recipe? Try This

Want To Help Stake A Claim For Black Food In America?

Tuna or Sardine Salad with Lemon and Olive Oil

You Like Grilled Steak? Try Stuffing It With Cheese

Stuffed Flank Steak

This Smoky, Spicy Condiment Makes Everything Better

Salsa Roja

Pasta Alla Norma

This Is An Ultimate (And Under-Appreciated) Sandwich

Pan Bagnat With Tuna

Need a Break From Tomatoes? Use Summer Fruit Instead

Plum Chicken Salad

Peach and Mango Curry

Easy As Pie? Pie Is A Hassle. Make Cobbler.

Blueberry Cobbler

Forget "Real" Pickles. These Are Better

Grilled Corn Pudding

5 Recipes/Excuses To Get Out Of The House

5 Picnic-Perfect Recipes

Here's What Some Really Fascinating People Like To Eat

Dinspiration: 10 No-Work Tomato Salads For Right Now

10 No-Work Tomato Salads

"Please Don't Include My Food In Your Soul Searching"

Meet Ice Cream's Way Easier Cousin

Spicy Tuna Rice Bowl

Semifreddo, Many Ways

The Greens Of Your Dreams

Want To Help End Racism In The Food System?

Crispy-Skin Salmon, Grilled or Broiled, with Gingery Greens

Homemade Marshmallows Will Make You a Legend

Homemade Marshmallows

If You Eat Salmon, You Should Read This

Sometimes You Just Need a Drink. Here Are 12.

Cocktails, 12 Ways

The Low-Effort, High-Reward 4th of July

New Orleans Shrimp Boil

Let's Turn Marinating Upside Down

Chicken Escabeche

The Best Toast You'll Ever Eat

Grilled Paneer Masala Is A Game-Changer

How To Make Fresh Noodles Without Any Flour

This Dessert Is Pure Joy

Funnel Cake

Jim Lahey and I Answer ALL Your Bread Questions

Support Anti-Racist Food and Farming Organizations

Everything I Think About Fake Meat

Yes, You Can (And Should) Make Pickles On The Grill

You Should Be Baking With Beer

Busting The Risotto Myth

8 Essential Pastas For Spring

Pasta Primavera, 8 Ways

DIY Snack Cakes For Bored Kids and Exasperated Adults

Need a New Quarantine Go-To? Watch This 1-Minute Video

12 Things To With The Ultimate Pantry Staple

Brown Rice, 12 Ways

Yet Another Incredible Weekend Baking Project

Soft Pretzels

My Interview With Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Need ANOTHER Incredible Weekend Baking Project?

Chocolate Babka

Is This The Official Meal of Quarantine?

This Pasta Has Been My Escape Since 1967

How To Make Any Recipe Classy In 10 Minutes

Need An Incredible Weekend Baking Project?


Here's A Free 6-Day Meal Plan Just For You

Seven-Minute Frosting

Homemade Yellow Snack Cakes

Need Pasta? Try This Spin On A Classic

5 Things To Do With Your Stockpile Of Beans

5 Things To Do With Cooked Or Canned Beans

Two Of The World's Great Recipes, Combined Into One.

Szechuan Mushroom Ragu

Boozy BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich

It's One Of The Most Useful Ingredients In The Kitchen...

This Is The Most Polarizing Ingredient In Cooking

Homemade Tofu

Tofu Jerky, The Sequel

It's Time To Make The Ultimate One-Pot Meal

Corned Beef With Cabbage and Potatoes

5 Satisfying Vegan Dinners

5 Hearty Vegan Dinners

Homemade Strudel Dough

What's The "Best" Diet? We've Got The Answer

Want To Read My First Ever Food Column (From 1980)?

Ocean Charcuterie: Our Most Popular Story Of The Year

16 Recipes That Take Meat Seriously

One EASY Way To Create A Better Food System


The "Party Food" That's Even Better On Weeknights

Cheese Fondue

A Bread Canoe Filled With Bubbling Cheese?


This Ingredient Will Save Your Winter Cooking

How Chickens Became Like Smartphones

9 Chicken Recipes That Are Better Than A Whole Roast Bird

Chicken Parts, 9 Ways

5 Fast Weeknight Braises

5 Fast Braises

Onion Soup

My Kind of Croutons

This Chinese Restaurant Soup Hack Is A Weeknight Wonder

2 Ways To Cook The Quintessential Winter Comort Food

Bulgur Chili

Slow-Simmered Beef Chili

Some Things You Should Know About Lettuce and Avocados

The 2 Fastest and Most Versatile Breakfasts I Know

Fruit Smoothie

Breakfast Toast, 6 Ways

Buckwheat Crêpes, Sweet or Savory

5 Essential Pastas For Winter

5 Essential Pasta Recipes For Winter

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