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We Dare You To Make a Great Meal Out of Leftovers

Happy Holidays from The Bittman Project

Let Me Tell You About the Colombian Power Breakfast

The Recipe for Those Who Love Creamy Desserts

'Tis the Season — for Brunch

Join the Conversation: What Are Your Favorite Holiday Recipes?

A Handful of Holiday Sweets

7 Biscotti Variations

Why Soul Food Is a 'Living Organism'

Comforting, But Not TOO Comforting

Join the Conversation: Let's Talk About Bittman Bread

A Handful of Potluck Dishes for the Season

Can Food Be Carbon Neutral?

Yotam Ottolenghi and Mayukh Sen

10 Things We Love in December

Fish Counter or Freezer Case?

Art vs. Cooking, and Connecting the Two

Meet Mike Diago, Our Newest Staff Writer

Your Thanksgiving Leftover Roundup

Join the Conversation: Are Thanksgiving Leftovers Better Than the First Round?

How To Make Starter, the Easy Way

It's Gift Guide Time, Baby!

The New Guard of the Food World

The Night Before Thanksgiving

Join Today's Conversation Now: Thanksgiving Help Is Here

Over 30 Thanksgiving Recipes You Can Trust

Crush of the Week: Rhiannon Giddens and Francesco Turrisi

How to Cook Beans and Greens, 10 Ways

Why I Bake Whole Grain Bread Every Week

Cookie Monster and Gonger Tell All!

Stir Things Up with Three Very Different Puddings

10 Things We Love in November

When Pomegranate Steals the Show

Sutton Foster and the Beauty of First Tastes

A Terrific Vegan Take on a Beloved Dish

How to Cook Squash, 10 Ways

Natalie Baszile and Melony Edwards: Champions of Black Farming

Join the Conversation: What's Your Favorite Version of Chili?

In ‘Black, White, and The Grey,’ Mashama Bailey and John O. Morisano Dig Deep

Stanley Tucci and the Importance of Eating Eggplant

Cooking, Fast and Slow

This West Coast Market Is Committed to Indie Businesses and Better Ingredients

Two West Coast Women Who Are Shaping How We Eat

The Condiment You Can't Say No To

Marcia Chatelain and the McUniverse

Celebrate These Unsung Heroes of Fall Plates

Win a Trip to Park City, Utah

This Recipe Coaxes Every Bit of Flavor From Virtually Any Vegetable

Taco Mahal Makes a Compelling Case for Fusion Cuisine

David Sedaris + Jell-O = True Love Forever

Get Out Your Sweaters. It's Soup Season.

Join the Conversation: Let's Talk About How You Choose an Olive Oil

How the Hell Do You Pick a 'Good' Olive Oil?

José Andrés Needs No Introduction

The Best Way To Search Our Recipes

When You Keep Chickens, Eggs Are Dinner

Win a Boos Block of Your Choice

We Wouldn’t Have Marcella Hazan Without Grace Zia Chu

Here Is One of My All-Time Favorite Recipes

Join the Conversation: Mark Is Here to Help You Cook Everything

A Few Changes You'll Find on The Bittman Project

5 Small Things to Make Good Food Great

Eat Them Before They're Gone

Fresh Tomatoes and Whatever Beans, Together Forever

We Can't Wait for These Fall Dishes

Why Peppers Are More Versatile Than Tomatoes

The Pasta You Never Knew You Needed

A Sweet End To Summer

Just Stuff It

It's a Vegetable Extravaganza

Summer Veggies to Spare? Make Korean Pancakes

Pickles Are a Game-Changer When It Comes to These Sandwiches

9 Ways To Enjoy Corn

When a Budding Cook Takes Over the Kitchen

When Stew Is Sensational

What's Your Vision for the Perfect Veggie Burger?

How I Learned to Cook

Three Dishes To Celebrate Eggplant

Meet Gazpacho's More Flavorful Cousin

Stop Eating Chicken Soup When You're Sick!

If a Taco Is Dinner, So Is a Summer Roll

Pair a Glorious Summer Salad With This Year-Round Go-To

14 Things To Do With a Pint of Cherry Tomatoes

Meet Raj Patel, 'Rock Star of Social Justice Writing'

Summer on Display

What's Not an Egg, but Great for a Scramble?

Fear of Frying

Moby Talks Music, Veganism, and Sobriety

It's OK to Have Dip for Dinner

When the Kitchen Gets Hot, Reach for Magic Mayo

All Things Food with Tom Colicchio

The Simplest and Best Shrimp Dish Does Not Need Zoodles

Join the Conversation: What Are Your Favorite Summer No-Cook Recipes?

Ever Cooked Kimchi In Butter? Try It!

The Best Thing To Do With All of Those Greens

Dawn Davis and the Revamping of Bon Appétit

Cook Fresh Tomatoes. Add Beans. Watch Your Head Explode.

Join the Conversation: Fridge or Room Temp?

No Time or Energy? Quesadillas Are Here for You

All the Goodness of Jane

A Vegan Take on Carbonara? Mmm Hmm.

Join the Conversation: Let's Talk About Burgers

You'll Want to Make These Zucchini Pancakes

I Need Your Help to Make The Bittman Project Better

Adrian E. Miller and the United States of Barbecue

Easy Meals for Long Weekends and Hot Days

What Comes Next in Our Meatless Burger Project

The Origins of Stephen Satterfield

Humble Cabbage and Spring Onions Can Make a Dish

The Only Person Who Could Get Mark Bittman to Follow a Recipe Was J.D. Salinger

Join the Conversation: Are You Dining Out More in the Post-Pandemic?

For This NYC Chef, Celebrating Juneteenth Begins in a Bowl of Ramen

The Graceful Evolution of Eric Ripert

Homemade Crackers Are SO Easy

It's Peak Season for Eggs

We're Giving Away 5 Manual Food Processors

Join the Conversation: What's Your Favorite Seasonal Dish to Cook Right Now?

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Knife Skills Are Bulls*it

The Soul of Carla Hall

The Dinner Rut Is Real. Here Are 3 Ways Out

Join the Conversation: How Do You Do Lunch at Home?

What Made Ted Danson Pivot From Comedy to Conservation?

Welcome To My Lunchtime Pasta Project

Join The Conversation: What Are You Grilling This Weekend?

Seitan Is So Much Better When You Make It Yourself

Say Hello to Nigella!

Three Dinners, Zero Root Vegetables

Join the Conversation: Let's Talk About Italian Food

When Salad Feels Like a Treat

A Sweet Subscriber Giveaway

I'm Launching a New Podcast!

Douglass Williams and the Art of Doing What You Love

This Retro Recipe Lives on Because It's Easy and Tasty

Join the Conversation: What Makes a Meal Satisfying to *You*?

What *Actually* Makes a Meal Satisfying?

Five Tricks for Building Better Bowls

Sustainable, Cheap, Underrated: Clams

Join the Conversation: How Did You Learn How to Cook?

How I Learned To Cook

How To Replace Meat

This Foolproof Soup Is Restaurant Quality

VIDEO: How To Make Flour Tortillas

Join the Conversation: What Are We Feeding the Kids?

My Dad Is Mark Bittman and My Son Is a Picky Eater. What Now?

You Can Use Tortillas for More Flavors Than You'd Think

This Iconic Pasta Deserves a Revival

Join the Conversation: Are You Eating Less Meat?

This Cassoulet Can Be Seasoned With Meat - or Not

You Deserve More Than What 'Seaspiracy' Has to Offer

Remembering George Floyd

Learn How To Adobo Anything

You Don't Have To Be a Vegan, but You Should Know How to Think Like One

Join The Conversation: How Can YOU Change The Food System?

How To Wake Up Cabbage

Michael Twitty Wants You to Know a Bit More About Rice

What Is Food For, Anyway?

Japanese Egg Crepe "Noodles"

Chefs May Hate Them, But We Don't

These Fancy-ish Eggs Are Pretty Easy to Make

Join the Conversation: What Kitchen Tools Can You Not Live Without?

Enter Our 'Always Pan' Giveaway (Worth $145)

The Ingredient That's Perfect When it's Overripe

This Near-Perfect Pasta Hinges on Two Ingredients

Want to Eat Vegan and Sacrifice Nothing? Make This Saag Paneer

Join The Conversation: Where Do You Stand On Instant Pots, Pressure Cookers and Slow Cookers?

Instant Pots Are Terrifying

Have Leftover Pasta? Roast It!

This Tongue-Tingling Side Dish Steals the Show

Savory Tofu Sundae? Don't Laugh: It's Amazing

Continue the Conversation: What Do You Actually Eat for Breakfast?

Join the Conversation: What Do You *Actually* Eat for Breakfast?

The Underappreciated Gloriousness of the Frittata

Is This the Best Breakfast in the World?

Want To Save Time? Stop Rolling Your Meatballs

Join the Conversation: What Post-Pandemic Food Occasion Are You Dreaming Of?

Do Not Miss These Green Onion Cakes

Our Go-To Recipes for Our Favorite Secret Ingredients

Master List: Your "Secret Ingredients"

'We're Never Going Back to the Good Old Days'

We Are Rounding the Corner Toward Spring

Join the Conversation: What's Your Favorite Seafood Recipe?

We Created This Alaskan Seafood Box Just for You

Know Your Fishmonger

Sichuan-Style Tofu and Eggplant, Jam-Packed (Vegan) Burritos, and the Second Best Thing You Can Do With Vinegar

BONUS VIDEO: 7-Minute Squid and Kale Stew

Join the Conversation: What Are Your Fail-Safe Recipes?

Let's Talk About Fail-Safe Recipes

Local Food Movements Won't Save the World

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BONUS VIDEO: Fried Lobster a la Mark

Join The Conversation: How Do You Waste Less Food?

Yay! Leftovers!

The Food System Works Well for Big Food

What's All the Fuss About Scrambled Eggs?

Join The Conversation: How Do You Save Money In The Kitchen?

Breakfast Is the Key to Community in this Houston Neighborhood

When Bread Became Bad for Us

Your New Pasta Hack, Quick-Braised Fish with Black Bean Sauce, and Moroccan Chicken in a Flash

Join The Conversation: What Are Your "Secret Ingredients?"

Our "Suicidal" Food System: How We Got Here and Next Steps

Welcome to The Bittman Project

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A Beef Stew For The Modern Eater

5 Hearty Pasta Sauces (That Happen To Be Vegan)

Friday To Do List: 1. Order a Book. 2. Win a Print. 3. Eat Lava Cake

Dinspiration: 5 Recipes For The Darkest Season

Join The Conversation: What Are Your 2021 Food Resolutions?

Your Winter Quarantine Salvation Has Arrived


Let's Start 2021 With Some Kindness