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Big Announcement From Me and My Team

Is This THE Best Way to Cook Eggplant?

Don't You Forget About ... Your Microwave

"Live" With José Andrés and Mark Bittman!

The Best Gift You Can Give Today? Better Food.

Cooking for One: Can I Make It Any Easier?

You've Got Lots of Thanksgiving Leftovers. Now What?

JFK Season

A New Way to Make Holiday Cooking Easier

Hot Toddy and Chill (Booze Optional)

The 2023 Bittman Project Holiday Gift Guide

Tom Colicchio's Stuffing, Ironed Toast, and General Goodness

A Favorite Recipe, Never Before Seen

A “Minimalist” Thanksgiving in Three Hours

Vietnamese Cooking in America Comes Full Circle

Andrea Nguyen’s Char Siu Roasted Cauliflower

Turns Out Not Eating Salt Is Not the End of the World

Learning to Look Forward, With Some Help From the Elders

The Choreography of Cooking

What You're Eating

Two Cooks, Three Squashes = Seven Recipes for the Season

Junghyun "JP" Park: How to Eat Korean Food

Junghyun "JP" Park's Napa Cabbage Kimchi and Kimchi Mandu

Cooking for One: The Single-Egg Omelet

Using Natural Food Dyes to Create Magical Baked Goods

Changing Lunch Options, One School at a Time

You Should Be Cooking the Hell Out of Mushrooms

Limes, Hummingbirds, and 50 Cousins

The Lives Behind Your Meal

I Stir-Fry With a Little Help From My Friends

More About Ozempic, Obesity, and the Real Cure

Jacques PĂ©pin: The Best Home Cook Ever

Tuck into the Comfort of a Bread Bed

On Heartbreak, Making Tea, and the Power of Plants

Edward Lee and Lindsey Ofcacek on the Great Potential of a Nonprofit Restaurant

My Best Date Ever

Why Using Ozempic Is Like Putting on a Gas Mask

Klancy Miller on the Positive Changes in the Food World

More Sauce, Less Pasta: How Low Can You Go?

What Can You Do When Salt Is off the Table?

Food: The 1960s vs. Now, with Michael F. Jacobson

Taking My Snacks Extremely Seriously

Outstanding Vegan Sushi Should Not Be an Aberration

To Take a Risk, to Dream, to Have Faith: To Make Soy Sauce

Talking Junk with Chris van Tulleken

Mark, Kerri, and Two Days of Peak Summer Cooking

Food Waste Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Food as Comic Relief, with Calvin Trillin


Meticulously Making My Way Through Some Great Recipes

Save Your Cherry Pits!

My Most Important Project Yet

Stop Super-Sizing Seaweed

Welcome to the Floating Food Carnival

Chris Morocco: What is a Recipe and What is a Template?

Chris Morocco's Corn & Chickpea Bowl with Miso-Jalapeño Tahini

Stop Whining — You Know You'll Miss It When It's Gone

How to Catch Salmon in the Beautiful, Complicated Alaskan Waters

Bill McKibben: There is So Much We Can Be Doing

Is Grilling the Confidence Boost We All Need?

MarĂ­a Mercedes Grubb Will Not Be Denied

Bow Down: It's Dessert Queen Abi Balingit

Abi Balingit's Fiesta Fruit Salad

This Summer, Thirteen is Your Lucky Number

Can Someone Please Explain To Me What the Hell We're Waiting For?

Lalo GarcĂ­a is the Definition of a Maverick

Lalo GarcĂ­a's Porcini Mushrooms with Thyme

I'm Scared to Cook in Someone Else's Kitchen

Is Cooking for One Worth It? YES.

Al Roker is a Total Ray of Sunshine

How to Embrace Fish Farming

Nasim Alikhani is the Queen of Layers

Food with Mark Bittman: Nasim Alikhani

Feeling Like a Cliché ... and Being Cool with It

Mark vs. The Coconut Yogurt

How Niki Segnit Taught Herself to Be a Flavor Genius

Food with Mark Bittman: Niki Segnit

Go Long on Shortcakes

When Memories Are the Key to Recipe Magic

Ed and Ryan Mitchell and a Pure Labor of Love

Food with Mark Bittman: Ed and Ryan Mitchell

What Does "Weeknight Meal" Even Mean?

When Your Dad is Rad

Dr. David Katz Weighs in on the Body Wars — and Ozempic

Food with Mark Bittman: Dr. David Katz

Love and Cooking, Two Ways

Italy's Most Beautiful Town?

Kwame Onwuachi: Selling Candy on the Subway

Food with Mark Bittman: Kwame Onwuachi

My New Favorite Cookware

Unwinding is the Only Thing on This Menu

To Know Tim Ryan is to Love Tim Ryan

Food with Mark Bittman: Tim Ryan

Steamy Summer Nights

Dispatch From Rome

Samantha Irby Does Not Enjoy Thinking Too Deeply

Food with Mark Bittman: Samantha Irby

Absolute Shocker: Cold Soups Can Actually Be Good

Bee School is Pure Happiness

Margaret Cho Was Raised a Forager

Food with Mark Bittman: Margaret Cho and Rachel Belle

Put More Tortillas on Your Table

A Year of Learning to Eat in the Scottish Highlands

Senator Michael Bennet Learned to Cook During Covid, Too

Food with Mark Bittman: Senator Michael Bennet

The Best Cake You've Ever Eaten

Cantankerous Root Vegetables for the Win

Manu Buffara Once Accidentally Fermented Her Clothing

Food with Mark Bittman: Manu Buffara

Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda in the Kitchen

Moms are the Bombs

Walking the Earth Day Walk: Jane Goodall and Lauren Sweeney

Food with Mark Bittman: Earth Day

The Cold, Hard Truth: I Suck at Entertaining

Springing Into Spring, by Way of the Kitchen

Delia Ephron Reflects on Heartburn — and, of Course, Nora

Food with Mark Bittman: Delia Ephron

Got Greens? ROAST THEM.

Less Pasta, More Sauce

Dan Ahdoot is One of Our New Favorite People

Food with Mark Bittman: Dan Ahdoot

Just Add Miso (as a General Rule)

Seacuterie: The Food of Dreams

José Andrés: "Behind Every Plate of Food is a Story"

Food with Mark Bittman: José Andrés

Chop House—Including a New Way to “Butcher” Tofu

Honoring Memory and Seeking Renewal in the Kitchen

Nigella Lawson, the Second Time Around

Food with Mark Bittman: Nigella Lawson

The Big Lunch Hangover

Bittman vs. the Sous Vide Wand

Adam Gopnik Knows the Ideal Way to Get a Soufflé to Rise

Food with Mark Bittman: Adam Gopnik

Whole Grain Pastas, Decoded and Conquered: Three Ways

Why Use One Blade When You Can Use Two?

Feeding Kids: Eden Grinshpan and Aliza Sokolow

Food with Mark Bittman: Eden Grinshpan and Aliza Sokolow

The Most Versatile Food of All Time

My Appetite is a Gift, But Sometimes I Must Rein it In

The Unprecedented Eric Ripert

Food with Mark Bittman: Eric Ripert

Chicken and Rice and Other Things Nice

Put It In a Wonton

Mrs. Brightside: New Orleans Gem Toya Boudy

Food with Mark Bittman: Toya Boudy

I Love You Salad, Oh Yes I Do

The Four Truths of Easy, Flexible Soups

Vishwesh Bhatt and the Magical Flexibility of Food

Food with Mark Bittman: Vishwesh Bhatt

"Flavor Comfort" is Good, But Not Every Night

Put Down the Pepper Grinder, Ma'am

Not-So-Fun-Fact: Black Farmers Own Just One Per Cent of US Farmland

Food with Mark Bittman: Olivia Watkins and Karen Washington

When Stir-Frying Feels High Maintenance, Try Fry-Stirring

The Everyday Glories of the MenĂș del DĂ­a

Peter Hoffman's Fireplace Beans; Mark's Liquid Gold

Peter Hoffman and the 'High Fashion' of Food

How to Have a Souper Douper Week

The Moment I Realized I'd Become a Bean Snob

Bitty vs. The Oscars, Plus: Reruns are Fun!

Peel Here for a Sunshiny Day

A Beloved Snack with a Side of Sentiment

Eric Kim and Mark Bond Over Zombie Vegetables

A "New" Way of Eating: Fauna-to-Flora

Happy Birthday to Our Bread Baby

The Art of Making Vegan Food for Non-Vegans

You Say Tomato, I Say Carrot

Behold, the Citrus You've Been Longing For

Chinese Vegetarian Cooking is IT

A Pot of Beans, Straight Out of Your Dreams